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Brand slogan: Shine with Yourself

Exlanss jewelry was established in 2010. Exlanss is a world-friendly brand with a mission to Shine every guest and friend to make you more outstanding. With the pursuit of taste, fashion and personality, it has become the focus of users' attention. This is a personalized brand that is moving towards every ordinary friend in the world, and it is slowly seeping into the daily wear of the young generation. Senior designers integrate international/domestic fashion trends and styles, carefully designed and handmade. It combines all the elements of fashion. The most important feature of Exlanss is technology. Each product is like a work of art. Whether it is the uniqueness of natural gem materials or high-quality brackets repeatedly polished by a variety of technologies, everyone has the understanding of returning to nature. The design is dazzling, the materials are exquisite, and the style is novel. The various shapes reflect the colorful world of Taibaoshi Jewelry. The brand was initially inspired by the original ecological materials. Handmade rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other products, integrating the new value of fashion, uniqueness and personalization. Through our products, you are the messenger who advocates nature and the leader of personalized fashion trend.