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Moissanite: The love story of a couple, this is true love

Mrs. Chen is my client. Every time I ask me for afternoon tea, I can always see the same ring on the ring finger of her right hand holding the coffee cup. The industry still saw at a glance that it was an American moissanite, not a diamond.

In fact, Mrs. Chen has a wealthy family. She once showed me a few very unique pieces of jewelry in her collection, and Mr. Chen gave her a gift for her third wedding anniversary - a nearly two-carat water droplet named "Coronation for Love". I've never seen her wear a diamond ring, except when it was accidentally sent to my shop for maintenance.


I laughed at her and said: Are you afraid that wearing a two-carat crown will not suit your low-key character?

Mrs. Chen understood and waved her hand with a smile: I can't say low-key or low-key, I'm just used to wearing this moissanite ring.

Mrs. Chen said that this was her and Mr. Chen's wedding ring. The two were planning to get married soon after graduating from college. At that time, the economic conditions were not good. Mr. Chen started a company in Shanghai with a friend, and he was also responsible for the mortgage and car loan. I went to many brand stores, and the 50-point diamond ring cost more than 20,000 yuan. After I bought it, I couldn't pay the rent for the next month. Later, Mr. Chen ordered this Moissanite diamond ring online as a wedding gift for Mrs. Chen. ring.

During these difficult days, the two of them got their licenses. They saved money and repaid their loans every day to do business, and they didn't have a wedding. Her husband knew that she likes jewelry and travels. Mrs. Chen said: "He painted me a cake every day at that time, and said that he would buy a Tiffany diamond ring for me and travel all over Europe." They also did it. Those three years happened to meet the booming development of the Internet. When everyone knew about Exlanss Jewelry, Mr. Chen's vertical app also became famous in the circle. What followed was crazy money attracting, and Mrs. Chen also became famous. She has become a young wealthy businessman's wife who does not worry about money.

The two did not make up the wedding. On the third anniversary, Mr. Chen fulfilled his original promise and gave Mrs. Chen a new diamond ring from a certain brand. He also traveled to different places abroad, making up for the lack of ritual sense at the beginning. This Moissanite diamond ring has become The only evidence of their marriage.

Mrs. Chen said that she was used to wearing it for so many years, and this Moissanite diamond ring reminded her that the two never gave up in such difficult times, and they worked together to have a good life today. And the money spent to buy tens of thousands of diamond rings, what will be the result? Nobody knows.

Husband and wife are heart-to-heart together and can overcome all difficulties. She has always believed in this sentence over the years. No matter what her husband does, she will stand behind him unconditionally and support him.