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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses Lens Color

In hot summer, the best moment is blowing the air conditioner, eating chilled watermelon, drinking frozen beer and so on. If you have to go out or want to participate in some outdoor activities, you have to prepare all kinds of sun protection tools. Undoubtedly, sunglasses are regarded as one of the necessary equipment for our sun protection in summer. As a fashion item, sunglasses are also a sharp weapon used by many hipsters to match their clothes and reflect their taste. However, when many users buy sunglasses, they buy them based on their favorite styles. I don't know that the choice of sunglasses lenses is the key to buying sunglasses, because it affects the effect of shading and ultraviolet protection. Different colors have different functions. Let me introduce them to you one by one.

When choosing sunglasses, some of us pay attention to the style of the product, some pay attention to the quality and material of the product, and some prefer the price, while experienced users will consider the color of the lenses. Different color sunglasses lenses have different filtering performance for different light rays, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of different lens colors? How should we choose?


What Are The Basic Requirements for Choosing Sunglasses Lenses?

1. It won't distort the surrounding colors. Simply put, for example, when you look at traffic lights, red is red, green is green.

2. After wearing, the edge of the object is still clearly imaged, and bad sunglasses lenses can easily cause distortion or even blur when looking at the edge.


What Are the Colors of Sunglasses Lenses on The Market?

Different colors of sunglasses have different functions. Knowing the secret of the color of sunglasses will make you better protect your eyes while increasing your fashion sense. There are many colors of sunglasses, and the more common ones are brown, grey, black, green, blue, yellow and red lenses.


What Are The Differences and Functions of Different Lens Colors?

Brown Sunglasses Lens

Brown is recognized as the best lens color in sunglasses products, and it can absorb almost 100% ultraviolet and infrared rays. While reducing the brightness, the tawny lens can minimize the distortion of the color of the object, and slightly reduce the halo of blue light. The soft tone makes the vision comfortable, makes the image clearer, and provides glare protection, so that the eyes are not prone to fatigue. The brown lens can block the reflected light from the smooth and bright surface, so that people can still see the subtle parts even when wearing sunglasses. Therefore, brown sunglasses are more suitable for driving, dust or smog.

Grey Sunglasses Lens

Gray lens is a relatively neutral lens, which can filter almost all colors of sunlight equally, and can filter infrared rays and 98% ultraviolet rays. However, its biggest advantage is that it will not change the original color of the scene because of the lens, and it can reduce the light intensity very effectively. Therefore, mild natural gray lens is a very popular choice, which is very suitable for traveling and indoor wear.

Black Sunglasses Lens

As a classic color, black lens doesn't need to be introduced too much. First of all, black itself has the strongest light absorption ability, but here's a suggestion for everyone, that is, black lens is very unsuitable for use in an environment with low light intensity, because too dark vision will cause some reverse damage to eyes. Especially don't wear sunglasses with black lenses indoors!

Green Sunglasses Lens

Like grey glasses, green glasses can absorb all infrared rays and 99% ultraviolet rays, and cyan and red rays can also be effectively blocked. In other words, green lenses can absorb a large amount of strong light, and at the same time increase the green light reaching the eyeball, so that the eyes can have a certain comfort and have a good eye protection effect. They are very suitable for small partners whose eyes are prone to eye fatigue, and GM is also suitable for wearing in some strong light environments, so sunglasses with green lenses are also the first choice of many friends. But the green lens has a defect. Sometimes the original color of the scene will be changed after passing through the green lens.

Blue Sunglasses Lens

If you are a fashionista, it is very suitable to choose blue lenses. They not only look cool, but also are versatile. Sunglasses with blue lenses are especially suitable for wearing at the seaside. Blue lenses can more effectively eliminate the light reflection brought by sea water and sky. But I'd like to remind you that blue lenses can seriously discolor the daily scenery. It is recommended not to wear dark blue or pure blue lenses in daily life, especially when driving, because blue will reduce the color difference of traffic lights. In addition, pure blue lenses can't effectively block harmful blue light from entering the eyeball, which is not conducive to eye health. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear sunglasses with pure blue lenses for a long time in an environment with high light intensity.

Yellow Sunglasses Lens

Yellow lenses can absorb 100% of ultraviolet rays, and allow infrared rays and 83% of visible light to penetrate the lenses, so that the seen scenery appears clearer. The biggest feature of yellow lenses is that they can absorb most of the blue light. When sunlight passes through the atmosphere, it is mainly reflected in blue light, which can explain why the sky is blue. Therefore, yellow lenses are often used as "filters" and are suitable for low-light environments in the early morning, dusk or rainy days. Therefore, it is very common to wear yellow lens glasses or sunglasses when hunting and shooting.

Red Sunglasses Lens

Red lenses can filter out 95% of the ultraviolet rays, and have a good barrier to some short-wavelength light rays. However, in fact, there is little difference between red lenses and uncolored lenses, and the protective effect is not better than that of ordinary lenses. Therefore, it is more suitable for some people to wear under the conditions of low light intensity or changeable weather and indoors, which can better protect both eyes and will not affect their eyesight. For some cycling enthusiasts, red lenses are a very good choice if they are in a shady environment. In addition, the matching degree of red lenses is also very high, which is more suitable for users who pursue fashion to use as daily matching.


What Are The Most Popular Sunglasses Brands in 2022?

RayBan - Started in the United States in 1930, the world's leading brand of sunglasses, synonymous with sunglasses that block out strong light, enjoys the reputation of "the symbol of American culture".

BOLON - It adheres to the leading design concept of the fashion industry, deeply designs the fashion and elegance, closely follows the world fashion trend, and uses innovative technology, which reflects its consistent innovative style.

Gucci - Gucci sunglasses are not only used to block out sunlight, but also a beautiful accessory, which always adds a lot of temperament to us when we wear them.

PROSUN - Prosun's polarized sunglasses adhere to the product concept of "fashion technology" and pursue more exquisite glasses products.

EXLANSS - As a well-known contemporary sunglasses manufacturing company, attaches great importance to the awareness of environmental protection, adheres to the innovative concept of sustainable development, uses natural bamboo materials and durable lenses, and launches a series of environmentally friendly and fashionable bamboo glasses, which are environmentally friendly and fashionable, durable, comfortable and safe to wear. EXLANSS has entered the fashion glasses market segment, trying to break the innovative mode of traditional glasses manufacturers, so that everyone may think of the awareness of protecting the environment while wearing glasses. In addition, EXLANSS series sunglasses have diverse and unique styles, rich and novel styles, and offer different lens and frame colors. What's more, it has a high cost performance, which enables young people who pursue fashion to embody a variety of different fashion styles.

Versace - This is an Italian luxury brand, with Medusa, a snake-haired banshee in Greek mythology, as its spiritual symbol, representing fatal attraction.

Christian Dior - This is a French fashion consumer brand, belonging to Moet Hennessy-louis vuitton Group. Dior mainly deals in men's and women's handbags, women's wear, men's wear, men's and women's shoes, jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, children's wear and other high-end consumer goods.

PARIM - PARIM brand was founded in 1992. It is the pioneer and leader of fashion optical shops in China. For many years, it has been focusing on fashion aesthetics of carved glasses.

OAKLEY - OAKLEY, founded in 1975, is one of the top ten brands of sunglasses-polarizers. It is famous for its excellent high-definition optical technology, and specializes in producing and designing sunglasses.

HelenKeller - HelenKeller originated from the United States, with excellent materials and exquisite workmanship, inheriting the classic American fashion design style. It is a model of the perfect combination of oriental aesthetics and international cutting-edge fashion, and brings an unprecedented elegant and luxurious noble experience to the urban elite.

Polaroid - Polaroid is a pioneer and expert in polarizer technology, and invented artificial polarizer in 1929.

ArnoldPalmer - Arnold Palmer was founded in the United States in 1955. Its product line covers many industries such as fashion, home textiles, footwear and glasses, and is very popular among consumers for its color fashion.