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Best Driving Sunglasses|How to Choose Right/Safe Sunglasses for Driving

Why Do You Need to Wear Sunglasses When Driving?

Sunglasses can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays (UV, including UVA and UVB) in sunlight from directly irradiating our eyeballs. High-quality sunglasses can filter out as much as 97% of the incoming eye rays, greatly reducing the damage to the cornea and retina of the eye, and also relieving eye fatigue. When people drive in a well-lit situation, they usually need to adjust the pupil size to adjust the luminous flux entering the eyeball. When the light intensity exceeds the adjustment ability of the human eye, it will do harm to the human eye, and it is the chief culprit of various eye diseases. Moreover, when we are driving, we need to be highly concentrated to cope with complicated traffic conditions, etc. If we are driving for a long time, this will undoubtedly make the driver feel tired in the eyes and even mentally. Therefore, for us drivers, wearing sunglasses is not only to keep out the dazzling sunlight, but also to match our clothes and shapes, and it is directly related to our driving safety.

In addition, when driving in heavy rain, the light shining on the rain will produce diffuse reflection. If we wear sunglasses, this reflection can be filtered out, thus making the completion clearer.

Why Polarized Sunglasses Are The Best Choice for Driving?

Polarized sunglasses are lenses that allow directional light to pass through. If described vividly, it can be understood as the shutter effect. If the shutter is set to the horizontal state, you can see the scenery outside the window, and at the same time you can not be affected by the dazzling sunlight. Therefore, the lens with polarization function can filter the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering, bending and reflection. The final effect is to bid farewell to stray light that affects the observation, but the light in the whole environment will not be greatly darkened, and what needs to be observed can still be really seen.

In the process of driving, besides the dazzling sun in the sky, there will be various dazzling miscellaneous lights. For example, when the front of a car is driving east in the morning, the sunlight reflected by the ground is even more dazzling than the sunlight, because they will form the refraction and scattering of the western eight sides through objects on the ground or in the air, as well as various dazzling lights reflected by the rear windshield or chrome trim strips of the vehicle. Many traffic accidents are also caused by this. After wearing polarized sunglasses, this hurtful reflection will be filtered out. In short, sunglasses with polarizing function are the most suitable sunglasses for driving. In terms of price, polarizer is a little more expensive than ordinary one, but it is still worth having for driving safety.

What Misunderstandings Are Easy to Make When Choosing Sunglasses for Driving?

Myth 1: Choose dark sunglasses, the darker the better.

As we all know, dark sunglasses have a stronger function of blocking ultraviolet rays, so many people take it for granted that the darker the color, the better the ultraviolet protection function of sunglasses, but it is not. The function of filtering ultraviolet rays of sunglasses is only related to the coated film, but not to the color. However, sunglasses that are too dark are more likely to make drivers' eyes tired, especially those who drive long distances, and they are even more dangerous when drivers enter the tunnel and other dark places from the strong sunlight.

Myth 2: Polarized lenses are the most comfortable.

Most drivers like to wear polarizers, which are sunglasses that can filter out glare more effectively. Glare will make people's eyes uncomfortable and tired, and affect the clarity of vision, so many drivers feel that wearing polarized glasses is the most comfortable. tells you that these perceptions are one-sided and undesirable. In fact, polarizer is more suitable for fishing, skiing or water sports. Especially the low-priced polarizer, when you look through the windshield of a car, things will deform, which is easy to cause accidents.

Myth 3: Drivers with mild myopia can wear flat sunglasses.

Some drivers are slightly nearsighted, and they usually have no problem driving without myopia glasses. But once you put on sunglasses, the problem comes: your eyes are more prone to fatigue, your eyesight will drop a lot, and you can't see clearly, which is similar to that your driving eyesight is affected at night. Therefore, drivers with slight myopia usually have no problem driving. If they want to wear them, they must wear glasses with myopia.

Myth 4: Sunglasses have the same function, so it is most important to choose fashionable styles.

Nowadays, many young people own all kinds of sunglasses, a suit of clothes with a pair of sunglasses. reminds that many sunglasses with bright shapes and bright colors are not suitable for wearing on some occasions. For example, many girls like sunglasses with pink and purple lenses. When wearing these sunglasses, they will change the color and spectrum of things they see, so they are not suitable for driving.

What Are The Tips for Choosing Driving Sunglasses?

Tip 1: There must be UV400 logo

When buying sunglasses, there are labels or stickers on the frames or lenses of qualified sunglasses. Generally, the words UV400 are written to indicate that they provide 100% UV protection from all UV rays.

Tip 2: The shade of lens color

When buying sunglasses, don't mistakenly think that the darker the lens color, the safer it is for your eyes. Only sunglasses with 100% UV protection (UV400) can provide the security you need.

This involves a knowledge point about the classification of the transmittance of sunglasses. European and international standards divide sunglasses into five categories, from light to dark. The four categories are for special purposes, and those with shading effect for daily use are generally three categories.

Tip 3: Polarization + UV400 function

Polarizers are designed to reduce glare reflected from reflective surfaces such as water or roads. This function of polarization itself does not provide UV protection, but it can provide a better visual experience for certain activities, such as driving, boating or playing golf. However, the function of polarized light +UV400 can be realized on sunglasses at the same time. When using polarized lenses, check the label of polarized sunglasses to ensure that they can provide maximum UV protection.

Tip 4: Check the lens quality

This step In order to prevent discomfort such as dizziness after unqualified sunglasses are put on, you can check whether the lenses of sunglasses (non-myopia lenses) are qualified according to the following steps without other instruments to help you test them:

(1) Find a horizontal or vertical line, such as tiles in the store, floor joints, or door frames, window frames, etc.

(2) Take the sunglasses 45cm away from your eyes and close one eye. Observe the vertical and horizontal lines around you, such as window frames or doorframes, through your glasses.

(3) Move the glasses up and down, back and forth: If they are distorted or swung in a straight line, it means that the lens is unqualified and should not be purchased.

Tip 5: Lens color selection

When there is no special demand in the industry, you can wear sunglasses with gray or tan lenses. If you drive or use them outdoors, it is best to add polarization function.

Generally speaking, the minimum requirement of wearing sunglasses is not to distort the color of the surrounding environment. Before wearing sunglasses, you can first observe red, green, yellow and other objects, then put on sunglasses and observe the same objects, and compare whether the deviation of the colors observed twice is obvious. It is advisable to keep the color of the objects seen after wearing sunglasses undistorted, otherwise it will reduce the ability to identify traffic lights. Attention should be paid to the identification of this item for sunglasses with colorful lenses, especially those with bright colors.

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Tip 6: Consider the impact resistance of solar lenses

In this respect, you can't judge it purely by feeling, and you can't do simple and rude falls, smashing and other tests at the purchase site. From daily experience, as long as you don't choose glass lenses, there will generally be no problems. It is only recommended to buy in regular stores here. Don't worry too much about impact in daily use, just prevent accidents.

Tip 7: Don't pay too much attention to the price

The high price may be good, but the low price is not necessarily bad. Sunglasses tag has the information of implementation standard, sunglasses classification, transmittance classification, manufacturer or distributor, and the key is the UV400 logo.

However, it should be noted that some small shops, stalls, night markets, platforms and other so-called brand-name or even luxury brand sunglasses are often unworthy of their name, with poor workmanship and poor optical performance. These sunglasses will hurt your eyes, so don't choose them!

Which Sunglasses of Exlanss Are Suitable for Driving?

Exlanss is an internationally renowned glasses brand that has been very popular with consumers all over the world in recent years. It is committed to creating high-quality, fashionable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products, presenting the most comfortable and best-quality glasses and sunglasses to users all over the world. The following sunglasses from Exlanss are suitable for driving users:


The frames and temples of these sunglasses are made of bamboo and wood environmental protection materials, combined with the metal arc skeleton and high-quality self-developed polarized lenses, which are not only fashionable, but also durable and comfortable, making them very suitable for driving.

Fashion index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Comfort index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Shading index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Exlanss is one of the best-selling sunglasses, a product that is loved by many drivers and cycling enthusiasts. It is made of high-quality TAC, PC materials and spring hinge temples, and it is full of sense of movement and fashion.

Fashion index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Comfort index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Shading index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


This sunglasses is a popular new product this season. The whole frame bracket is made of high-quality solid wood by hand, and the delicate texture gives it humanistic nostalgia. If you are a driver with strong literary taste or nostalgia, this is a good choice.

Fashion index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Comfort index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Shading index: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥