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Can a diamond ring and a Moissanite ring be distinguished with the naked eye?

Moissanite diamonds are very popular now, and many people even suspect that Moissanite diamonds can replace diamonds. In fact, many people do not know the difference between diamond rings and Moissanite diamonds, so they don’t know if diamond rings and Moissanite diamonds can be distinguished with the naked eye. This kind of problem, in fact, if you often deal with diamonds, or if you have a diamond ring, you may only need to observe carefully to see the difference between Moissanite and real diamonds.

The difference between a diamond ring and a Moissanite diamond:

Diamond Ring: A diamond ring is diamond jewelry worn on the finger. Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones, and the ancient Romans always believed that they represented life and eternity. In Europe in the 15th century, the diamond ring was recognized as a symbol of unswerving marriage, forming the tradition of using the diamond ring as a marriage token. A diamond is a polished diamond, a natural mineral that is the original stone of a diamond. Simply put, diamond is a simple crystal composed of carbon elements formed under high pressure and high temperature conditions in the deep earth. Beautiful and rare, diamonds are a symbol of love and fidelity, representing eternal love.

Moissanite and diamonds face completely different markets. Moissanite belongs to the mass market, while diamonds belong to the high-end market. In terms of material, moissanite is actually a synthetic moissanite, not a real diamond. It belongs to man-made diamonds, not natural diamonds. Moissanite diamonds are currently on the market and are the closest to natural diamonds in terms of refractive index and vividness to the naked eye. Of course, there was no such technology in the past. The synthetic stones did not have such good fire and brightness. Now the technology is more developed, and the synthetic stones have good fire and high brightness. If you don’t know how to do it, on the surface, they are not much different from diamonds. , the fire is even stronger than that of diamonds.

Can a diamond ring and a Moissanite be distinguished with the naked eye?

Diamond rings and Moissanite diamonds can be distinguished by the naked eye. Moissanite has birefringence properties. Laser light projected on white paper through Moissanite will exhibit birefringence characteristics, but diamonds will not. If you look at it with the naked eye, you will feel that the appearance of diamonds and moissanite is not very different, or even looks exactly the same. This is because diamond is a single-refractive gemstone and moissanite is a double-refractive gemstone, so if you look at the faceted edge ghosting with a 10x magnifying glass, then you will find that moissanite has ghosting. From the perspective of polishing patterns, diamonds have irregular polishing patterns due to the constant adjustment of the polishing direction during polishing. Moissanite can be polished in the same direction, and its polishing patterns are parallel to each other. From the perspective of inclusions, the arrangement of diamond inclusions is irregular, while the moissanite inclusions are arranged in parallel needle-shaped

Moissanite and diamond cannot be seen with the naked eye, not only with the naked eye, but also with the commonly used drill pen. Moissanite and diamond are so similar that they cannot be distinguished with the naked eye. Moissanite diamonds on the market are generally synthetic. This kind of diamond is a kind of gemstone that is close to the characteristics of natural diamonds. Although this kind of diamond is synthetic, because of its unique characteristics and more dazzling color, it is widely used by many people. Cognitive, moissanite is favored by many fashionable women as their favorite jewelry. Therefore, if you buy a Moissanite diamond ring for someone you like, it is recommended to buy a high-quality Moissanite diamond.

How to distinguish between moissanite and diamond

1. You can distinguish moissanite from diamonds by viewing the diamond fire with the naked eye.
Moissanite and diamond also have a good refractive index, but moissanite is birefringent with a dispersion of 0.104 picoseconds/nm; diamond is single refraction with a dispersion of 0.044 picoseconds/nm. Generally, the light refracted by moissanite is diamond. twice as much. Therefore, in the case of enough light, moissanite has better fire than diamond.

2. Observe the reflection of diamonds and moissanite after burning with the naked eye.
When the gemstone is burned with a lighter, the moissanite will turn slightly yellow, but it will return to its original shape after cooling. The color of a diamond does not change when it is fired. However, this method is not very recommended. Although the general temperature does not affect these gems, it is better to be cautious if disputes arise.

3. Observe with the naked eye with a magnifying glass.
Due to the high hardness of diamonds, the facets will be extremely smooth after grinding, and the ridgeline junctions between the facets and the facets are very sharp. Although the hardness of moissanite is also high, the facet ridges are not as sharp as diamonds; and diamonds often contain angular minerals or cracks, while moissanite often contains features similar to needles, you can carefully observe the gemstone Type of inclusion. This method needs to be combined with other methods to determine the final result.

4. View the authoritative identification certificate.
Diamonds with more than 20 points have an authoritative appraisal certificate, regardless of the national inspection or international certificate, can make an effective judgment on the authenticity of the diamond. If you're not sure whether you're buying a diamond or a moissanite, you can check the grading report. It is reported that the American GIA Gemological Institute can issue a certificate for moissanite, but the certificate clearly indicates that it is moissanite, not diamond. In addition, some national inspection departments can also identify moissanite, but it will be clearly marked as synthetic moissanite.

Can we distinguish moissanite from diamond with the naked eye? The answer is yes and no. Why do you say that? Good or bad, depending on what moissanite you buy. High-quality Moissanite diamonds are indistinguishable. The highest quality Moissanite diamonds are the Moissanite diamonds produced by Weimo Jewelry. The fire, color and cut are all first-class.

In fact, it does not have to be so troublesome to distinguish moissanite from diamonds, just look at the certificate. Diamonds with more than 20 points sold in the market are accompanied by authoritative certificates. Regardless of the national inspection certificate or the international certificate, an effective judgment will be made on the authenticity of the diamond. For example, if the national inspection department identifies moissanite, it will be clearly marked as synthetic moissanite. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25 and diamond is 10. Moissanite cannot scratch diamonds, but diamonds can scratch moissanite. Using moissanite and diamonds to scratch each other, diamonds can scratch the surface of moissanite, and moissanite is difficult to scratch the surface of diamonds.


There are three types of differences between Moissanite and diamonds:

1. Ghosting, Moissanite has obvious birefringence, but diamond does not have this phenomenon;

2. Hardness, Moissanite hardness is 9.25 degrees Mohs, and diamond hardness is 10 degrees Mohs, the highest in nature;

3. Fire, Moissanite has strong fire, diamond fire is weak, and refraction is not obvious.

Moissanite itself is colorless. Due to its high refractive index, its fire color will produce different fire effects in different environments with the intensity of the light. Yellow, Moissanite is the best Moissanite of Moissanite, the D-color Moissanite, the clarity is FL. The internal structure, value and appearance of Moissanite are surprisingly similar to diamonds. Even if a diamond pen is used to test, it will be judged as Diamonds, indistinguishable.

It is worth noting that although moissanite is a hard substance in nature, it is also very brittle and easily broken when it is hit or crushed by external force. Therefore, do not wear moissanite when doing sports or heavy physical labor. Jewelry, so as not to accidentally collide with hard objects, so that the Moissanite will cause permanent and irreparable defects. 

A diamond ring is a must for marriage, after all, the sense of ceremony is there. But many women are struggling to buy a natural diamond model or a Moissanite model.

A beautiful woman told us recently, because as long as it is not a diamond ring marked as a wedding ring, as long as you have the money, you can buy as much as you want. What's more important is that later, the diamond ring that this beauty spent tens of thousands to buy was lost! It hurts so badly. Then came to complain, it is better to buy a Moissanite ring.

Although, the ring was found later, but the feeling of regret remains unabated. Because the ring sold for less than one-fifth of the original price within a year, and during this period, she only took it for one day.

But in fact, Moissanite is also a diamond, which is certified by an authorized authority. Because it is synthetic, it has a purer texture. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of the moissanite production process, the increasingly high-quality moissanite diamonds are almost indistinguishable from natural diamonds when placed together. According to statistics, 90% of people cannot see 30,000 diamonds and 3,000 pieces. What is the difference between Moissanite? The higher the quality of the Moissanite diamond, the smaller the difference between the natural diamond, and it has reached the point where experts may not necessarily be able to distinguish it with the naked eye. Professional equipment is required.

The fire of Moissanite diamonds is more beautiful than that of natural diamonds, and it will be more divergent under spotlights or sunlight, which will give people a very amazing feeling, while diamonds are relatively clear and low-key.

The main component of moissanite is silicon carbide, while natural diamond is carbide. Although the appearance of the two is exactly the same, moissanite is not a so-called imitation diamond, but a gemstone with physical properties closest to natural diamonds.

Mozambique is slightly lighter than a natural diamond of the same size due to density process issues. The hardness is only 0.75 worse than that of natural diamonds, which is relatively second only to natural diamonds. Under the light, moissanite can see the ghost of the reflective surface, and the light dispersion will be better than that of natural diamonds. Therefore, in the absence of any equipment, there is no probability to distinguish the two.

There are also many friends who said that it is good to spend less than 1/1000th of the money to wear a brighter diamond and save the money to buy gold bars and silver bars that preserve their value. Even more and more people think that moissanite is better than diamond.

How to choose high-quality moissanite? My suggestion is to choose Moissanite diamonds. In terms of quality, you need to pursue perfection. The naked eye looks flawless. Moissanite diamonds can be said to be the best choice at present. Moissanite diamonds can reach the colorless and transparent D color level, and the clarity can reach the FL/IF level. They are all cut with Belgian hearts and arrows, which can fully express the fire effect. Even those who have worked in jewelry for many years cannot distinguish Moissanite diamonds from South African diamonds with the naked eye.

Due to the similarity in appearance, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish between moissanite and diamonds, but they can be distinguished according to their characteristics. For example, scratching the surface of moissanite with a diamond hardness tester will leave Scratches, but the scribing plan will not leave scratches on the surface of the diamond; or observe the fire of both, the more brilliant fire color is moissanite, and the diamond's fire is relatively cool.

A setting of 18K white gold is recommended for high-quality Moissanite diamonds. Among Moissanite diamonds, 18k gold is the most commonly used ring setting material. 18k gold can be divided into 18k white gold, 18k gold and 18k rose gold, and 18k white gold and rose gold are the two most popular moissanite rings in the world. Material, the gold content of 18k gold is 75%, and 25% is other precious metals. Because 18k gold contains a variety of metals, its hardness is higher, and the Moissanite ring inlaid with it will be more stable to wear, and 18k gold has Good ductility, changeable colors, more beautiful in the design of the shape of the ring, more fashionable and stylish.