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2022 Sunglasses Trend: Like Depp, get colored lenses and sunglasses, and you will win in life.

It's the sunny season again. At this time, if you want to travel like a star, sunglasses are indispensable. "The completion of fashion lies in a pair of sunglasses." Look at Anna, the fashion monster, except for the hairstyle that has remained unchanged for a century , that is, a pair of sunglasses constitutes her image sketch, which is like the deceased Chanel designer Galeries Lafayette. When I think about it now, is the image of a pair of sunglasses and Chinese hair in braids jumping in front of me?

Sunglasses are definitely the most indispensable accessories in summer. From a variety of colored lenses to cute and cute lens shapes, people can inadvertently focus their eyes on the prominent sunglasses when observing the shape, so they are the most suitable. The only thing that caught the eye was the sunglasses, in addition to the large gold chains hanging all over the body.

Sunglasses represent a fashion statement and attitude, so we see that many celebrities always wear sunglasses when they go out in private, and many celebrities wear sunglasses directly on the red carpet. Neglect, coupled with the well-dressed shape is full of aura.

The sunglasses on the red carpet are full of aura

Looking closely at the star looks on the recent red carpet is not difficult to find, even if there are hundreds of sunglasses, from socialite Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) and her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner), little Justin (Justin Bieber) ) and other fashion stars, and even the actor Jared Leto, who played the twins with GUCCI creative director Alessandro Michele at the Met Gala, chose dark sunglasses from the frame to the lens to add points to the look, not only saving money In order to manage expressions on the red carpet, it may also have the effect of protecting eyes in the face of the spotlight!

If you wear sunglasses mainly to protect your eyes from UV damage, or to create a low-key atmosphere, then exaggerated designs and colorful lenses may not be your first choice! Although there are many less trendy options, the timeless classic design is not only neat and elegant, but also can match a variety of wearing styles.

Many brands choose a minimalist style in lines and colors to bring out a sense of modernity. Coupled with the brand logo, they make detailed and eye-catching embellishments. EXLANSS' new EL-1987 Little Scholar in this season has five colors, the classic punk style is subtly disassembled into metal inlays, high-grade Italian acetate, decorated on the side of the frame or on the temples, small and delicate embellishments The texture is perfect, the perfect combination of low-key personality trend and retro.

LV cleverly dismantles the Monogram pattern to make a dazzling decoration.

The CELINE sunglasses that BLACKPINK member Lisa often wears are decorated with the brand's popular "Triomphe" engraving

BVLGARI's styling from the frame to the temples is inspired by jewelry cutting.

VERSACE embellishes the temples with the classic palindrome pattern and Medusa head.


Colored lenses for day and night

Sunglasses with pink lenses have become an indispensable item in many fashionable looks. In addition to warm tones, cool greens and blues, or modern grays also have their own advocates.

Mr. Depp, who won the lawsuit with his ex-wife a few days ago, even wore colored lenses as his own LOGO.

A few days ago, when G-Dragon Kwon Zhilong, the king of fashion in Korea, appeared on the show floor to watch the show, the sunglasses with orange lenses and the colorful hair color and clothes were very commensurate. In the past, most of the sunglasses had black or brown lenses. As more and more people regard sunglasses as "accessories", when more attention is paid to decorative effects rather than practical functions, there are more options for lens colors. .

South Korean fashion king G-Dragon Quan Zhilong appeared on the show floor to watch the show, and the orange lens sunglasses echoed the colorful hair color.

Frame. mirrors play

The popular style of 2000 has recently returned to the forefront of the trend because of the love of HyunA, BLACKPINK and a group of Z supermodels! This style is completely opposite to the minimalist "Normcore" style that was popular a few years ago. Not only the colors and prints on the clothes are extremely colorful and exaggerated, but the accessories also give priority to showing individuality, from the more common cat's eye to the most familiar. A smile of love and flower shape, with eye-catching glasses design, all kinds of shapes are ever-changing and have everything, I'm afraid you don't dare to try!

In addition to the iconic square shape of the glasses series launched by OFF-WHITE this season, several of the designs are the "Burrow Bag" that has made the brand popular. Its impressive "hole" design adds details of sunglasses. middle.

One of Jennie's GENTLE MONSTER eyeglasses draws attention with dazzling rhinestones.

EXLANSS cat eye sunglasses

  • Product name: Cat Eye Retro Sunglasses;
  • Material: AC+PC;
  • Lens color: Black, Hawksbill;
  • Lens function: UV400;
  • Whether polarized: Unpolarized
  • Applicable groups: women, adults
  • Weight: 28g

What pair of sunglasses will you buy this summer?


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